The images in this section are computer generated from a combination of the digits 1 - 9 derived from the Fibonacci and related Series commonly found in Nature and the Arts. The digits are translated into bar charts, colour coded, the bars rotated and then deformed by wave filters using image manipulation software. These images are surprisingly economic, rarely exceeding one megabyte. Their meaning lies in their genesis ... from simple beginnings [in this case digits] may develop complex structures... they grow from and become metaphors for the processes of life itself and hint at the laws governing the processes of creativity in nature, our behaviour and here of course as art. They are generated by number series and wave deformations and readily translate into different modes, dimensions and media [including sound and movement]. They demonstrate the importance and rewards of understanding the rules of the game [particularly that of life], the sources of attraction, the role of the inescapable minor perturbations, the importance of self similarity in our perception of it all and the role of harmonics that currently shape our models of reality and aid our exploration of inner and outer space.

Whether or not the set of rules with their power to generate the richness and diversity that we experience is real, is actually under pinning the phenomenological world or is created by us to make sense of It All is of course the big question that enthrals so many of us.

We all seek insight, we are all potential Seers - see-ers, visionaries.

There are some key principles which together inform this work, most of which are generally accepted in all walks of life [perhaps a more meaningful phrase in the context of The Game of Life].

6.1 Image Construction

6.1.1 A simplified representation of the process used to generate the images in this section [6.2 - 6.5 inclusive].

6.2 Sine Wave [generated images]

6.3 Triangular Wave [generated images]

6.4 Square Wave [generated images]

6.5 Mixed Wave [generated images]

6.6 How to acquire the images and terms and conditions

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