Bar Charts from [4.0 and 5.0] and the resulting images [from 6.0 The Gallery] are scanned to generate sound, revealing some interesting relationships between the harmonics of the digital [Music of the spheres], visual and aural experiences of our phenomenal world [including the man-made]. A full “Score” is also shown based on the reduced Fibonacci and the Lucas derivatives.Some of this material forms the basis [produced by the band Blur] of the first message to be played back to Earth from Mars by the British Beagle Mars Lander in 2003.

7.1 Bar generated sound

7.2 Image generated sounds.

bachian.mp3 Image generated sound

ambient.mp3 Image generated sound

trifib.mp3 Image generated sound

wave1m.mp3 Image generated sound

trix2qm.mp3 Image generated sound

as90h.mp3 Image generated sound

nupict.mp3 Image generated sound

filtered.mp3 Image generated sound

7.3.1 Score A [including the Dance of the Digits]

7.3.2 Score B [including the Dance of the Digits]

7.4 Number Series used

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