1.0 Welcome

The Albarn Experience........... The Site has 9 sections including this Home Page. Each section has a number of folders and each folder has a number of pages, many of which can be scrolled through [see below]. The 9 Side Bars give access to themed links. Most of the stuff is there to share [and hopefully get some feedback - the main aim of the exercise!] and some is for sale [see 6.0 Gallery]. There are texts, drawings, diagrams, photos, prints and sounds. Wherever possible the work is cross referenced and acknowledged.

1. The Home Page Includes [below] some introductory texts to the material onsite and some sample notes from an ongoing project whose working title is Patterns of Personality.

2. The Game Has a selection of images of source material that led to the idea of the Game and the need to discover the sort of Rules [see also Number, Art and Sound above] by which it might be played.

3. Exploration Exploring the generative patterns as revealed in number and number series reduced to digits and given colour prompts the question as to whether number is an invention or a discovery by man of some aspect of the deep structure of the cosmos.

4. Clocks and Bars Clocks are used to mark out the progression of digits in number series and to help reveal the patterns thus formed and Bar Charts made from the series are manipulated by rotation to reveal the behaviour and character of digits, exploring the nature of their relationship and the forms and concepts they tend to re-present.

5. Rotations Bar Charts, mainly from the Fibonacci and Albarn Series are used to form spiral rotations to reveal further patterns within the digits and their offspring thus amplifying the nature of their relationships and the forms and concepts they re-present.

6. Gallery The images in this section are computer generated from the digits 1 - 9 derived from the Fibonacci and related Series commonly found in Nature and the Arts, translated into bar charts, colour coded, rotated and deformed by wave filters using image manipulation software.

7 Harmonics Bar Charts from 4.0 and 5.0 and the resulting images from 6.0 [The Gallery] are scanned to generate sound, revealing some interesting relationships between the harmonics of the digital, visual and aural experiences of our phenomenal world [a full Score is also shown based on the reduced Fibonacci and the Lucas derivatives].

8 Pattern Some examples of how we see and manipulate pattern, integral to our understanding of the phenomenal world and illustrative of particular ways of thinking [e.g. see also Islamathematica etc. in 9.0].

9 Blackhole The past, present and the future meet here, with background information and research, illustrations from two earlier books, many past and current projects, a Pin board for your contributions and Links to recomended Sites.

The Albarn Experience...........

I enjoy playing games with ideas, seeking out patterns, relationships, correlations and metaphors. I like building things, exploring structures and systems that apparently in-form the meaning of our experience.

When feeling particularly lonely or under pressure to justify myself I draw some comfort from feeling part of an ancient tradition of Experimental Philosophy [akin to alchemy?] - a way of thinking which requires the seeker, the player in the game to maintain a voyage of discovery, into the unknown, mapping the territory, knowing only that if rigourous and patient in the approach, breakthroughs will occur.

My satisfaction and encouragement derives from those fortunately not too infrequent occasions when close to despair I get my fix - Eureka, a breakthrough! - another layer of meaning is revealed, or an application is found or an old idea is picked up by someone else ..... and they run [off?] with it. This site shares some of my experiences [insight through out- seek!] and gives an inkling [because that is all I have !] of where it is all going...................................does God count? Keith Albarn 97

1.2.1 The Dimensions and Space Travel.

1.2.2 50,000 years of humanity. [from Diagram by Keith Albarn and Jenny Miall Smith, London 1977] .

1.2.3 The Dichotomy of our Species. [from Diagram by Keith Albarn and Jenny Miall Smith, London 1977].

1.3 Patterns of Personality.

1.3.1 Male/Female Diagram1.

1.3.2 Male/Female Diagram2.

1.3.3 Male/Female Diagram3.

1.3.4 Man.

1.3.5 Into 4D.

1.3.6 Ingredients of F/M.

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