Our brains pattern incoming data through all our senses in order to make sense of our experiences.

We order in order to under-stand. So any examination of patterns [including how we perceive patterns] received as filtered data through any of our senses allows for and usually produces a raft of cross-references, metaphor and analogies which enhance and deepen not only our understanding [of the experience at hand] but also develops our Eureka response, our creativity. Indeed understanding is then rightly seen as a creative act in its own right. We are constantly designing, evaluating and re-evaluating, shaping and modelling our Realities.

Here we show some different ways of how we may see and manipulate pattern for many possible applications including the obvious - for ornamentation and decoration.

8.1 Line patterns

8.2 Rope pattern [b/w]

8.3 Families of rope patterns in colour

8.4 Different treatments of rope patterns

8.5 Large scale rope patterns

8.6 Pattern illustrations from Diagram - The Instrument of Thought - Keith Albarn And Jenny Miall Smith - Thames And Hudson 1977

8.7 Examples of patterns for production

8.7.1 Tile pattern development

8.7.2 Further Tile/Line pattern developments

8.7.3 Wiggle Tile/Line pattern developments

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